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The Antares International Film Festival is a new Russian film festival held annually in the city of Sochi. The uniqueness of the festival is that through the prism of the art of cinema, Antares draws attention to the daily problems of the common man. Different generations of cinematographers meet at the festival site and the result of this synergy are new creative projects in different parts of the world.

The competitive program consists of feature films, documentaries and animated films, which will be evaluated by a professional international jury who will select the winners. The main five prizes of the film festival are the statuette "Antares", by the famous sculptor Grigory Potocki, made in metal. The other laureates will receive a smaller copy of Antares and a diploma from the film festival.

A special feature of the film festival will be the screenings of films not included in the competitive program on a digital platform for viewing and voting by viewers from all over the world to determine the five strongest works not included in the competition program. The winners of this vote will receive special prizes from the film festival.

The festival program in Sochi includes a competitive screening, out-of-competition screenings, retrospective screenings, creative meetings with actors and directors from different countries, master classes, evening programs.

We invite you to the Antares Film Festival!

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