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The competition program

Dear filmmakers!

Applications for participation in the film festival will be accepted on May 10, 2024.

The results of the selection and the competition program of the film festival will be published on June 1, 2024.

Thanks to all participants for their interest in the Antares Film Festival!

On June 1, according to the regulations of the Antares Film Festival, the organizing committee publishes the Competition Program of the First Antares International Film Festival.

1,130 films from 54 countries of the world were sent to the competition of the film festival. The program director of the film festival, Alexandra Zhukova, with a team of selectors, prepared a draft program for the first international film festival "Antares", which was approved by the President of the film festival, Alexander Halimovsky, and approved by the directorate of the film festival headed by Andrei Afrin. The competition programs included 52 films from 29 countries. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the competition programs:


Full-length competition (9 films) Participating countries: 10 countries

Russia, Indonesia, India, Spain, China, Kyrgyzstan, USA, Taiwan, Turkey, Japan

  1. "In the Belly of a Tiger", dir. Jatla Siddartha, 91 min., 16+, 2024, India/ China/ Taiwan/ USA/ Indonesia, Russian premiere
  2. "The Seasons", dir. Maxim Shabalin, 100min., 18+, 2023, Russia
  3. "God’s Gift", dir. Asel Juraeva, 75min., 12+, 2023, Kyrgyzstan
  4. "Tomorrow will be another day", dir. Gao Yu-Huan, 105min., 12+, 2023, China, Russian premiere
  5. "Green Grass", dir. Masumi Soga, 100min., 16+, 2023, Japan, Russian premiere
  6. Lapin, dir. Asya Oleshkevich, Vlad Krasnoslobodtsev, 98min., 16+, 2024, Russia
  7. "Yuriev Island", dir. Alexander Barshak, 96min., 16+, 2024, Russia, Russian premiere
  8. "Eflatun", dir. Sunait Karkus, 103min., 16+, 2023, Turkey, Russian premiere
  9. "September", dir. Cristina Medeiro, 83min., 18+, 2023, Spain, Russian premiere

Short film competition (18 films) Participating countries: 15 countries

Russia, Australia, Argentina, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Iran, Spain, China, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Senegal, Finland, France

  1. "NAP", dir. Javier Chavanel, 14min., 2023, Spain, Russian premiere
  2. "Beskudnikovo", dir. Anton Koryakin, 13min., 2023, Russia, Russian premiere
  3. "Baby Brother", dir. Alina Sabirova, 24min., 2023, Russia
  4. "The Return", dir. Patrick Urbani, 36min., 2023, France/Finland, Russian premiere
  5. "Time of Insurrection", dir. Gabriel Fernandez Gil, 11min., Great Britain/ Spain, Russian premiere
  6. "Deep", dir. Bermet Beishenbekova, 19min., 2023, Kyrgyzstan, Russian premiere
  7. "The Boundaries of the Mind", dir. Alexandra Kardalevskaya, 6min., 2024, Germany/North Macedonia, Russian premiere
  8. "Not Far from Here", dir. Timur Chopliani, 21min., 2023, Russia
  9. "False Paradise", dir. Yihan Ding, 18min., 2024, China, Russian premiere
  10. "Matryoshka", dir. Joseph Ros, 5min., 2023, Cuba, Russian premiere
  11. "At he Border of the Unexplored", dir. Lamine Doucoure, 20min.33sec., 2024, Senegal, Russian premiere
  12. "Adorable Bridge", dir. Juan Bruno Demichelis, 14min., 2023, Argentina, Russian premiere
  13. "The Coat", dir. Alexander Litskevich, 29min., 2024, Belarus/ Russia, Russian premiere
  14. "The First woman on the Russian Throne", dir. Andrey Archakov, 17min., 2024, Russia, Russian premiere
  15. "An Artist's Curse", dir. Steven J. Mihaljevich, 10min., 2024, Australia, Russian premiere
  16. "Treasure", dir. Anatael Pérez, 19min., 2023, Spain, Russian premiere
  17. "Solar Boy", dir. Arman Fayaz, 18min., Iran, Russian premiere
  18. "Hans Trapp", dir. Stefan Fort, 18min., 2023, France, Russian premiere

Animation competition (13 films) Participating countries: 7 countries

Russia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Turkey

  1. "40 degrees in the shade", 3min., dir. Eduardo Elli, 2023, Argentina, Russian premiere
  2. "Chasing the Spray", dir. Alina Khabarova, 5min., 2023, Russia, world premiere
  3. "Dear Angela", dir. Jose Luis Quiroz, Paco Sáez, 8min., 2024, Spain, Russian premiere
  4. "Every encounter is an elsewhere", dir. Massimo Sales, 9min., 2023, Italy, Russian premiere
  5. The Cabbage Miracle, dir. Inna Evlannikova, 16min., 2023, Russia
  6. "Kafune", dir. Carlos Fernandez De Vigo, Lorena Ares, 9min., 2024, Spain, Russian premiere
  7. "Red Snow", dir. Susana Olmedo Álvarez, Aurelia Gil Junko, 5min., 2024, Spain, Russian premiere
  8. "The Bait", dir. Laura Delgado, Eduardo Rodriguez, 4min., 2024, Spain, Russian premiere
  9. "The Pirate and the Cello", dir. Andrey Sokolov, 14min.8sec., 2023, Russia
  10. "Midnight Performance", dir. Plamen Nikolov, 5min., 2023, Bulgaria, Russian premiere
  11. "The Heart of the Ocean", dir. Natalia Kharina, Alena Rubinstein, 9min., 2024, Russia, World premiere
  12. "Are you lost?", dir. Rodrigo Reis Fabre, 1min., 2023, Mexico, Russian premiere
  13. "The toymaker hideen heirloom", dir. Yagmur Kartal, 5min.36sec., 2022, Turkey, Russian premiere

Documentary competition (12 films) Participating countries: 10 countries

Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Ghana, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Liberia, Cameroon, Kyrgyzstan

  1. "Veleso", dir. Anna Ostrovskaya, 25min., 2023, Russia, Russian premiere
  2. "Resoration", dir. Vadim Arapov, 22min., 2023, Russia
  3. "Volunteers", dir. Olga Dobromyslova, 25min., 2024, Russia, Russian premiere
  4. "Children of Wetlands", dir. Ismael Egui Saad, 24min., 2023, Colombia, Russian premiere
  5. "Dolors", dir. Marta Arjona Mati Blasco, 15min., 2023, Spain, Russian premiere
  6. "Lahva. The Price of Freedom", dir. Vladimir Lutsky, 39min., 2023, Belarus, Russian premiere
  7. "Misha the Icebreaker", dir. Dmitry Stepanov, 38min., 2023, Russia
  8. " We, clownettes", dir. Getúlio Ribeiro, Meliz Fremio, 29min., 2023, Brazil, Russian premiere
  9. "Think Outside The Box", dir. Marta Fernandez Pisonero, 20min., 2024, Spain/ Cameroon/ Ghana/Liberia, Russian premiere
  10. "Prima. Elisa Carrillo Cabrera", dir. Veronika Pokoptseva, 11min., 2023, Germany
  11. "Ruins", dir. Sergio Lara, 30min., 2023, Spain, Russian premiere
  12. "Aylin's fairytales", dir. Assel Umaralieva, 12min., 2024, Kyrgyzstan


Download the approved program in PDF format


On June 10, 2024, the program will be published today from June 26 to June 29, 2024. All competitive tasks will be held with the participation of an international jury and readers at the Kinokko cinema, including Sochi.

We welcome participants with the opportunity in their free time! Now these films will be appreciated by a professional international jury and undoubtedly by the audience. Good luck!

You can register for free film screenings only here, in the section COMPETITION PROGRAM

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